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Who Is Bruce?

Bruce Hale is a man of many hats

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Bruce Hale

"It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Bruce Hale as a speaker, workshop leader, visiting writer, or any role remotely related!"

— Diane Mark, Creative Writing Program Coordinator, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Bruce's Story

Bruce Hale became an author and entrepreneur in 1989 in the single weirdest week of his life (so far). He was working for the phone company, in the kind of job that sucks the living soul from your body and spits it out onto the floor.

In that same week, he won three awards for his corporate newsletter, got a raise, and discovered he only had six weeks to enjoy it. Yes, Bruce was downsized. At the same time, he was helping run a Hawaiian gift company he'd started on the side, and he self-published his first picture book for children.

The choice was clear: Find another corporate job, or follow the dream of being an author. Bruce took the leap of faith. Today, he's published over 20 books, both through his own publishing company and through major U.S. publishers like Harcourt and Harpercollins.

Edgar-nominated author Bruce Hale is passionate about inspiring reluctant readers to read. He has written or illustrated more than 20 seriously funny books for children, including the popular Chet Gecko Mysteries series and the comics-novel hybrid, Underwhere.

An actor and Fulbright Scholar in Storytelling, Bruce is in demand as a speaker, having presented at conferences, universities, and schools across North America – from the Maui Writers Conference to the Surrey International Writers Conference in British Columbia. His acting resume includes regional commercials, theater, and an independent film, The Ride. Bruce also sings with the VocalPoint jazz group of Santa Barbara.

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"Don't get it right,
just get it written."

— James Thurber